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Facebook- Big Mother

Facebook censorship has boldly gone where social media hasn’t. I have a small blog, . I blog about news, politics, corruption, and other weird things. My blog post are automatically sent to a few social media sites, including Facebook. Often I link to the end of a Facebook post to my blog. My last two blog post were; a discussion on why we may not have retaliated against Iran, after their missile strike, and a follow up on Joe Biden’s bizarre fetish’s of kissing women and children in the mouth and “smelling” women’s hair. A few instances in the last couple of weeks. I expressed doubt to his leadership qualifications, since he doesn’t have any situational awareness. Facebook not only censored the small part of each post on my Facebook book page, but also censored any use of my blog site link. For, failure to meet FB’s Community standards. If I in anyway post mention of my blog link, , they remove the post and send me a private message about my link or blog site not meeting FB community standards. What’s disturbing is they now are not only censoring my Facebook page but also my blog.

Big Mother is Watching

I believe Social media is an evolution of media where public discourse is now available to many diverse persons and opinions. This diversity has been the foundation of democracy’s strength since our experiment with democracy began. It’s been the wall where Free Speech has been nailed, and upheld by our constitution and courts. Social Media does not approve or disapprove of our free speech. They have the great responsibility of protecting our Free Speech, in this new town square called Social Media. This evolution of public discourse no longer owned by Facebook, but is a owned by all Americans, Facebook is merely the caretaker, stocks and CEO’s be damned. We must not let Big Mother silence our diversity nor corral our democracy. Jim Kirk-Wiggins.

Published by James Kirk-Wiggins

A Blogger who believes our press is no longer free or diverse. One voice crying in the wilderness, Free America. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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