The Great Failure of the 2nd American Revolution of 2016 – The New American Patriot Almanac

(From Historical Archives Reading room 2111 – Source Unknown) The bitterness and rancor of the revolutions leadership in 2016 and for the next 6 years was almost hysterical. Journalists actually broke down weeping live on air. Revealing a culpability that mostly went unanalyzed. It was a tremendous shock to Americans, whose first reaction always appeared…
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China and the Bidens – The New American Patriot Almanac

Why does China prefer Biden over Trump in this years election? The New Yorker profile quotes a Beijing-based BHR official who said Hunter Biden arranged a quick meeting in the lobby of the American delegation’s hotel in Beijing between Vice President Biden and Li, the BHR CEO. This was followed by a “social meeting” between…
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Rights of Social Media

Social media has become a commercial, thus public forum. They seek paying advertising, based on the assumption users will see and purchase. You the consumer thus are part of the product. You enter a threshold transaction with advertisers, and social media platforms; i.e Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Thus being a public market place, they cannot exclude entrance, nor modify or censor content since content is your contributions to this threefold enterprise. No blacks served. content food, owner provides platform, diners provide payment. The threefold connections remain, regardless of each role. Again a public facility, cannot discriminate in a public, open, establishment. Besides free speech issues, this tyranny must cease or be litigated up to the Supreme Court if necessary.