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Soulmates and Twin Flames

TAKE MY SOUL – My Twin FlameThe Material one Wonders, sewing doubts, maybe?The Soul completes, two emerge as one,The chaos of the divide collapsesMaterial succumbs to pressure as diamondsObstacles fade, diminishing, unseen evermore,Where comes these Shadows of material world,Sewing doubt, fear, feet frozen in place,Expanding omnipotent universe, thrusting us together,Soul completion achieved, syntropy prevails,All MaterialContinue reading “Soulmates and Twin Flames”

Take My Hand

Valentine’s Day: Twin Flames and Soul Mates TAKE MY SOUL The Material one Wonders, doubts, maybe? The Soul is complete, two into one, Only one the divide collapses Material succumbs to pressure as diamonds Obstacles fade, diminishing, unseen ever, Shadows of material world, Sew doubt, fear, feet frozen in place, Yet expanding universe, thrust usContinue reading “Take My Hand”

Two Lovers Diverge

TWO LOVERS DIVERGE Inseparable in university days, Loving botany in myriad of ways, We dreamed as one each night, Entranced, same stars in sight, Our fantasy the Appalachian trail, Science was the official tale, Yet, what circled our mind, delights in each other, sure to find, A journey of days we laughed, prepared, No fear,Continue reading “Two Lovers Diverge”