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This is the title of a historical novel, by Ken Follett. I’ve read another novel by Ken Follett, “The Pillars of Earth”. However, as popular as the ‘Pillars‘ has become, it never captured my imagination like; “A Place Called Freedom”. It brings life to the struggle for freedom and liberty by Scotland and England, labor,Continue reading “A PLACE CALLED FREEDOM”

America is Weak to our Enemies

“So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong, and strike at what is weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War You think you know what kind of President Joe Biden will be? Leftist Radical, like the many gathered around him? Wrong. After elected the radical left, and all the promises of a chicken inContinue reading “America is Weak to our Enemies”

Undercover Democrat Communist

Communism Versus Freedom: The Strategy for Taking Over the Democratic Party For the latest US and political news download The Epoch Times app now! Now which prominent Democrats would you think could be possibly working behind the scenes for an American Communist organization. Not that it concerns me, I believe the Communists nation’sContinue reading “Undercover Democrat Communist”

Pelosi Rips Presidents Speech behind his back. This is a total disgrace, she should be impeached or censored for her public actions. The hate for President Trump has created insane reactions like this. Not to agree with his policies should be responsible and dignified. If Trump supporters are deplorable, Democrats like Pelosi are vile, repulsive, and have no temperament, that someoneContinue reading “Pelosi Rips Presidents Speech behind his back.”