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We Don’t Always Get Up

??? – Politics as Usual

Born my son

of youth,

My pride

shadowed you,

Our long talks

 sitting under the stars,

Your wisdom

learning astounding.

You followed me,

To the sky,

Your letters,

 soothed ego,

 in uniform you came,

healthy and strong.

Randomness comes, without


Often Chaos follows, tragedy


Every rising sun, in it may


Limping up my path,

Gunshot one leg,

You a ghost decimated by


My heart bled, my love


weak, sick, meths demon chained,

Drug withdrawal, horror for all,

Detoxing , then rehab came,

Daily classes, groups and


Fell on meths ears and a mind

so distant,

A likewise cursed wife, two little girls came,

Wasn’t long Meth summoned you


she had a grimy fist grasping

your soul,

 girls gone, family a Spector of the haze,

Abandoning goodness, for

Satans crumbs,

As we watched you implode,  

only love remained,

Your Wife descended down,

and little daughters, had a

new mother,

You reached for a rope, many times,

But the demons inside could

not hold,

Our pain ebbed and flowed,

The tidal shift’s,

drifted all out to sea, but love,

Soon the rising waters,  highest of hopes,

All was well, no horizon


I prayed, cried, maybe sooner

should I,

Randomness and Chaos checked our faith,

We each fell like dominos,

sheep off a cliff,

No hope, no faith, nor love I

could taste,

My heart was stone, heavy and


My son of youth, I can no longer shadow you,

I could only place you in a velvet

box, hidden,

Yet Chaos and Randomness, the

true gods of man,

 is a two edged sword….something can come

from naught,

I weep,

By James Kirk-Wiggins (c) January 2020, All rights reserved

This Poem is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person living or deceased is coincidental.

Note: Many humans suffer from similar pain, defeat, and tragedy. It doesn’t reflect on a family member or the individual. For this reason alone we should be involved, show empathy, and support, for those whom evil or random chaos has cast her dark shadow or the whirlwind chaos holds fast the soul. Most every religion promotes or speaks on compassion and love. We often feel an affinity for others, if this grows and strengthens Humanity will evolve. Love.

Jim Wiggins (c) January 2020

Published by James Kirk-Wiggins

A Blogger who believes our press is no longer free or diverse. One voice crying in the wilderness, Free America. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

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